About JAF

Joy in Africa Foundation (JAF) is a  Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), serving young people and vulnerable children in Nigeria. This organisation was founded in 2007, in Delta State Nigeria.


  1. Our vision is to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of young people, especially those who are vulnerable and economically  disadvantage. 


Train youths with craft and Technical education to enable them to be Self – employed, especially  young women  living in  low income areas, in order to be economically relevance in the society. 

With the help of medical volunteers, we offer free medical services to people living in rural areas, especially young people and also donate humanitarian aids including food and clothing to the less privileged families.

Promote the independence in young people with Special Needs and children with disabilities by providing rehabilitation Centre for these vulnerable young group of people.



In tough environment like Nigeria where 60 percent of the Youths are unable to secure jobs, JAF took it on, as a responsibility to enrol some less privileged youths on vocational skills required for Self – employment or increase their chances for employment; i.e. Fashion Design, Computer Services and sponsorship of Technical training in college.



          The right to education has been recognized as human right in various number of international conventions, but in Nigeria, this is a goal that is yet to be achieved for regular children talk less of Special Needs. That is why Joy in Africa Foundation opened an Education Centre for children and young people with Special Need, where they receive special education and therapeutic services; i.e. Physiotherapy, Speech therapy and Craft therapy.


Our Foundation provides medical and humanitarian assistance in poor rural communities, i.e.

·         Health education on prevention of diseases including malaria, and sexually transmitted diseases. Hand – washing Mastering Exercise is also practiced.

·         Free Medical Consultation and free medication.

·          General health screening for HIV, Diabetes and HBP with counselling on how to manage the situation.

·          Food are also distributed to malnourished families.


Joy Iselobhor

Founder / Executive Director

Evelyn Balogun


Augusta Ekwewei

Board Member

Princes Itua

Board Member

Faith Uche

Board Member

Blessing Enahoro

Board Member

Dr. Evangeline Enaike

Adviser/ Partner

Dr. Raymond Akhimie

Adviser/ Medical volunteer

Henry A. Okonjor

Executive Director of Programs


Bassey Joseph Jr.

IT Cordinator/ Special Educator

Ogechi Mary-ann Ekenedo

Speech Therapist

Abu Olise Micheal

Special Educator

Oluchi Blessing Ogbonna-Okohu

Speech Therapist/Admin Manager

Blessing Akari

Hostel Matron/cook

Best Obed


Fidelia Ijeoma Uzoghelu

Early childhood interventionists

Eromosele Oseremen

Special Education Resource Teacher